This meditation is a programme of study in Personal and Spiritual development.  It in-corporates life skills and energetic awareness through a series of lectures along with the use of sound vibration in the form of Sacred Mantras.  It s a non-religious form of meditation.  Meditation helps the student move beyond negative emotional and mental states to achieve peace of mind and to overcome obstacles and challenges that may be blocking them from achieving their potential.  It is perhaps the most powerful and fastest way to bring peace, balance the mind and expand consciousness.

Through releasing past hurts and practicing a more positive attitude, practitioners change how they think and react.  Meditation helps people change their inner and very sights, realizations and ultimately transformation.  It is the same formula and process for all.  It is practiced by all who wish to experience peace, calmness.

Benefits and why we do meditation:

  • Steadies the mind
  • Detroys birth and death karma
  • Scorches Samskaras ( imprints left on the mind by bad experience)
  • Induces Vairagya (Dispassion)
  • Roots out all desires
  • Makes one fearless
  • Removes Delusion
  • Develops Prema (supreme love for the Divine)
  • Gives Health, Wealth, Strength and Long Life.
  • Awakens the Kundalini

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