Trish Smith

I have a strong belief in the healing power of Holistic Therapy and Treatments.  My belief grew primarily out of my own personal experience after suffering illness for a few years.  I sought healing through Alternative Medicine to help with my recovery.  Having experienced the treatments, I received great benefits in all ways of life through body, mind and spirit.  I have since developed a keen interest in Holistic Therapy and spent the last 10 years studying various alternative therapies and researching how these therapies can be shared with others through the opening of Angelways Holistic Centre.  I have trained in Reiki, Angelic Healing and Readings/Tea-Leaf Readings, Rahanni Healing, and Meditation and Colour Aura Soma Therapy.  As a result of my own experiences I would now like to see others have the opportunity to benefit from the use of Alternative Therapies.  The Holistic Centre provides a wide range of Treatments in one location and will be of benefit to both customers and practitioners alike.

The Centre offers a beautiful renovated 17th century building as is situated in the beautiful tranquil setting of Castleconnell, Co. Limerick. Castleconnell Village was once recognized throughout Britain and Ireland as a famous Health Spa Resort. In Victorian Times UK patrons travelled to the Village to bathe in the Spa Waters and benefit from the water qualtities and the natural beauty of the Village river side location. Angel Ways Holistic Centre provides Healing Therapies and Hope, to people on a Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Level. Some of these therapies include Reflexology, Reiki, Fertility Treatment, Bio Energy Healing, Crystal Bed Healing, I.E.T and many more. The Centre provides a Warm, Calm and Friendly Environment for the Clients to avail of treatments and Therapist to carry out their work. The intention of our Holistic Therapies is to return the body to its natural state of Equilibrium. Along with Natural Health Treatments the Centre also offers workshops on many topics of Life Discovery and a venue for Meditation. The 17th Century Building has a great energy to it with its history of a Sweet shop and Victorian tea room. Beautiful walks along the banks of the Shannon river is right on our doorstep.

For Treatments please check out our Therapies and Therapist Section, Booking rooms please contact the centre at 086 3944746 or