Welcome to Angelways Holistic Centre. We are a new, exciting Holistic Healing Centre which offers a wide range of Alternative Therapies, Courses and Workshops.  We also provide a quaint Victorian tea room and Holistic/Craft Shop. The Centre is situated in the beautiful tranquil setting of Castleconnell, Co. Limerick.  Castleconnell Village was once recognized throughout Britain and Ireland as a famous Health Spa Resort.  In Victorian Times UK patrons travelled to the Village to bathe in the Spa Waters and benefit from the water qualtities and the natural beauty of the Village river side location.  Angel Ways Holistic Centre provides Healing Therapies and Hope, to people on a Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Level.  Some of these therapies include Reflexology, Counselling, Fertility Treatment,  Reiki, Bio Energy Healing, Tea Leaf & Spiritual Readings,  I.E.T and many more.  The Centre provides a Warm, Calm and Friendly Environment for the Clients to avail of treatments and Therapist to carry out their work.  The intention of our Holistic Therapies is to return the body to its natural state of Equilibrium. Along with Natural Health Treatments the Centre also offers workshops on many topics of Life Discovery and also a Centre for Japa Meditation.  For Treatments please check out our Therapies and Therapist Section, for Booking of a Room if you are looking for  Excellent Quality treatment Rooms please contact the Centre directly 086 3944746 or email


Crystal Bed Healing – 21st October – Bookings 086 3944746

Sinead Tynan will also be here on  October 13th.

Vedic Astrology Readings with Calodagh

October 21st

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire” – Ferdinand Foch

Astrology helps us understand what it is that connects us to that inner fire and the obstacles that dampen it. When we truly understand ourselves, we can solve our problems and create what we really want. A consultation with Calodagh will help you deepen your understanding of yourself and situations around you. It puts things in context and enables you to see yourself and your life objectively, overcome your blocks and see and devleop your strengths more clearly so you can realize your potential. A consultation can be general or focus more specifically on career, health, business, relationships or litigation – or any major area or combination of areas that you choose.

Calodagh will be in Angelways, Castleconnell on Saturday October 14th. A consultation takes about one hour.  Contact  087 133 5230 for more information.

Why not come along to our Wednesday evenings meditation class and see how it will help improve your life. A wonderful way to balance mind, body and spirit.  Check out for more information.


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